Why Man Take Faster Treats For Heart Attack, Compared With Woman!

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heart-attack-rtk-liveWhen we talk about our heart, searching for help at the moment when you start to feel heart attack symptoms, is very important. That’s the reason why it is so frightening learning that men take a faster medical treatment compared with women, when it is talked about heart attacks. Those were the results of a survey published on the Canadian magazine “Medical Association”.

There are surveyed 1123 cases of patients on hospitals with the acute coronary syndrome (every condition considered as unexpected reduces the blood fluctuation for heart attack). They saw the time that women and men need to get a medical treatment, using time intervals recommended by American Association of Heart Attack and the American Cardiology College. The results? 29 % of women have made an EKG during 10 minutes and 38% of made the EKG during the same time cycle. 32% of women took Fybrinolitic therapies (those are some medicals which put away the blood coagulation, so it can facilitate the blood circulation during 30 minutes, compared with 59 % of males.

Fortunately, there were no differences between males and women to get an intervention (a non chirurgical process to open a closed artery), which have to be realized in 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the researchers made before show that if these conditions aren’t computed, the chance to die from heart attack increases. But what is happening here? Less than half of women and were introduced with the procedures inside the time recommendations.

According to the gender inequality, men can show more traditional symptoms of heart attack, compared with women (for example, women are less affected by chest hurts, compared with males), which can signalize a higher priority for a hospital staff. Despite of this, there are lots of delicate signs of a threatening attack on heart, which do not include chest hurts.

Mixed hurts, vomiting, vibrates and teeth problems may show heart problems and it is very important to be conscious for these symptoms and other risk factors as high pressure of blood and cholesterol, says Susanne Steinbaum, Women Heart health director in New York City. It is better for you to understand your health risks and the heart attack signs, so you can talk with your doctor and take the right treatment in the right moment.

It is also possible that lots of other diseases can be created in your body from the heart diseases. That’s why it is very important to know everything about your health care.

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