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vjerra-nusjaSometimes, the relation between the mother-in-law and her bride could be a really war field, especially when the nephews come to life. To avoid this situation, it will be better for you to read the phrases a mother-in-law must never say to her bride.

The furnace would be cleaner if…

It is always misunderstood every comment related to the cleanliness of the home. It is interpreted as an unpleasant intervention which means “I’m better than you”.

My son has lost weight…..

It doesn’t matter if recently he has a charming belly of a middle-aged man, for her he is always malnourished since he lives with this modern girl who doesn’t know how to cook.
Maybe i can live with you after the baby’s birth….

This is one of the most horrible phrases. The importance of this phrase is so big so its answer can affect a diplomacy castle constructed for years and years. Yes, because we have thought that the post-birth period must be as a delicate and intimate period which must be spent with the family. By the other side, the mother-in-low cannot wait the moment to “feel important”, so she can stay at their home a “help” them for an undefined time.

I hope you will need me after the baby’s birth…..

This is the version of the transfer hypothesis, we mentioned above. This is an unhappy phrase for a beginning or a start. “I hope you will need me” means “I hope we won’t divide the child”! in these cases it will be better for the bride to “die” than asking for help.

You are lucky….

When the bride’s life is easy, amazing and wonderful compared with the mother-in-law life. She had to work hard, and everything she owns is earned with too much work. Meanwhile, the bride doesn’t have to pass through all of these problems. She has got a big surprise: her son!

My child likes….

Her child, now near to Andro-pause, likes to eat lasagna once a week, want his clothes in their place and after dinner wants to drink coffee while is sitting in his preferred sofa. In this way she forgets that her bride has a baby who needs his time, too.
He has been good until now.

You have an important thing to do and you let your child with her. You come back and what you see? Your child in the middle of chaos at your home!! But which is her comment? “He has been good, until now”.

Don’t have to register your child at nursery!

It is thought as a mortal trap by quasi all the mother-in-laws. The baby may be affected by all kind of diseases. But despite of this, it sounds like you don’t trust to her. And this hurts a lot!

You look tired! Let me stay with the baby.

Despite the fact that negative physic comments are not a good idea, this phrase is not the one, especially when it is said the first days after the birth (even though she is tired, she wants to have some time with her baby).

My son’s Ex-.

Do you remember my son’s ex, that blonde girl with BMW? I met her and she was so cute. She has just opened her own business, she has got three children and has bought a house near the sea…” Of course, this phrase must be told to your bride when she hasn’t slept all night, with a dirty dress and with her baby crying in her arms. Is it right?

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