Vitali Klitschko – a portrait of a “politician”

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klitschkoVitali Klitschko, or “Dr. steel fist” with his brother Vladimir Klitschko makes the most famous duo in today’s heavyweight division in boxing. Vitali Klitschko Volodimirovich was born on 19 July in 1971, in Belovodska, former Kirghizia, USSR, in today’s Kyrgyzstan. This is in addition to Ukrainian successful sports career and founded his own political party “coup”. The question that naturally arises is whether Vitali successful in politics as well as sports.

Why is a world-famous boxer and national representatives in the ring next two doctorates – a doctorate in medicine and philosophy – was necessary and political engagement? These are the psychological reasons that are fearless Klitschko, the WBC champion in the category, which has an impressive record in the ring, 47 games, 45 wins and 41 wins by knockout, forced to engage in politics. Vitali did not seem to be a lot of fame and it seems that he was still hungry for media attention and love of their supporters and fans. But not all Klitschko fans and supporters of his party’s “coup”, whose name evokes the world of boxing.

Vitali Klitschko and the few supporters of his party took part in protests of the opposition in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, which had been going on in front of the government building. As Vitaly significant media personality and popular figure, opposition media are inclined to want to make the participation of the party “coup” was significant. However, their participation in demonstrations party Vitali Klitschko itself marginalized.

Vitali-KlitschkoIt’s okay that Vitali Klitschko used his popularity when it comes to humanitarian projects, but Klitschko used his popularity to promote their ideas about Ukraine that would be in the EU and which would become a future member of NATO. Klick Party stands for the dismissal of the current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and to end the relationship with Russia. On this see the political immaturity of Vitali Klitschko and his supporters.

Ukraine can not do without Russia and the illusion that they can prosper as a member of the EU and NATO. Russia in particular will allow Kiev to join NATO because this would Moscow found itself surrounded and lost to future strategic partners. In fact, Russia has plans for Ukraine and the plans do not include a game of “coup”. All this shows that the world champion at WBC category rather inexperienced politician.

Vitali-Klitschko-MerkelDue to that fact Germany and France have called Vitali Klitschko in a form of political development. West wants from Vitali Klitschko made a serious political figure, but also wants to Vitali Klitschko his belt pledge on behalf of the opposition leader in Ukraine. Vitali has the highest civilian award of Germany “Federal Cross of Merit” and granted permanent residency in this country. Maybe Klitschko their long stay outside the country in the EU Member States and picked up “pro-European habits and principles” which now propagates in Ukraine, but a way of politicization of his career he never had success.

It is possible that Vitaly will soon embark on a journey through Western Europe to teach politics as boxing, medicine, and philosophy all know, but the poor is that the opposition, if it is the first one has to bring the “real” measure of a serious Western politicians.

The West has always sought to find public, prominent personalities who have allowed pro-Western media and to be the true “icons” resistance “dictatorial” government. Let us remember the case with Gary Kasparov, the famous chess grand master, who was a prominent figure against the “oppressive” Russian regime. However, his fame was short-lived. Klitschko has to know that he is expendable and that their political commitment only demote everything in life is achieved on muscles with the help of intellectual capacity.

Vitali-Klitschko-1What we can send a message to Vitali’s turn to family life and to enjoy what he has achieved, and that a little. In addition, our hero of the ring can be sanctified and humanitarian work, politics does not need, especially when on the side of those who wish to Ukraine permanently separated from their natural, historical, cultural and religious nuts. If you do not want to squander their fame for a bit of media attention!




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