Vesa Luma, a little about her life

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Untitled-1Vesa Luma was born on 25/05/1986 in Pristine Kosovo. Vesa comes from a family of intellectuals her passion and talent is inherited from her mother. She started singing since five years old after she participated at a Festival for children called (Xixellonjat). Vesa has finished her secondary school for flute at a music school then during high school Vesa was graduated for solo singing. She was also graduated at the University (AAB) for (Journalism). For seven years Vesa used to work as a journalist at the (RTK) television. Her talents for music is singled out during the audition (Ethet e se Premtes) in Tirane were she managed to get into the final night.

Vesa performed in an excellent way at the show and after this event she was well known in Albania. After this she continued her career as singer and she has participated at many Festivals, has won also many prizes and Vesa started wining popularity in other Balkan countries as well. Vesa also has participated at human rights concerts in Kosovo in help of poor people and was promulgated by the Ministry of Culture (Department of Youth) as a (Goodwill Ambassador).

Vesa is also a publicity image of two large companies in Kosovo and Albania (Net-DigitAlb). Most of her songs are hit ones and they were sailed in many copies and her greatest hit it still remains (Jemi dhe Sjemi). At 2010 she launched her new song titled (Amanet) and at the same year she collaborated with (Dj-Blunt and Real 1) and they launched the song titled (AJ Remix). In 2011 Vesa comes with a new song titled (Ti Po Don) witch it became a hit for the summer of 2011. She has done one album and on it are songs like (Luaj, Nuk Mundem, Te kam Dashur Shume, Flakaresha, Gabuam te Dy, Babai, Me shume and Ex Relax).

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