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Technology innovations have been always in development, so they can improve human being lives. Every material object possessed by persons  has been adapted with human needs. But these innovations always issue out of use competitive objects with the same function which result to become out of time or are replaced with the new technology. The XX Century is known as the technology Boom Century, during which, science took an enormous development, making possible the replacement of old products with various and practical science products. We can see the revolution to the circulation vehicles.

Before XIX Century as transport vehicles have been used animals like horses or donkeys. After this century it was invented the first car which made possible the replacement of animals. Every day brings a new evolution. Every day anyone of us uses any new object, replacing in this way, the old one, which results to be less functional. With the development of science the myopic glasses will be definitively gone.

Those are replaced with eye lens and laser interventions and it is thought that as time passes glasses will be forgotten. Recently people like making online payments, so they won’t need a wallet anymore. In developed countries people pay with online services, telephone or computer. It is predicted that credit cards and ATM will be a memory. It is also difficult to find someone who still uses the radio while is travelling in his car. You just need to have a smartphone which has an advanced system which contains videos, music, GPS and radio, too. So you don’t need to use traditional radio anymore.

Now days are used codes, eye lasers or finger lasers to open the doors. In this way, keys are going to be useless because in developed countries keys are replaced with newest and safest methods. The main problem of using those methods is during the electricity absence. For years and years meter is been used to measure the distances but now days it is replaced with some applications installed on Telephones.

The new generation of 3D Cartoons will replace the old one. We cannot say that they will totally be replaced but they will be useless. By other side, the relation between a sample telephone and an advanced  one, is MP3, but recently it is becoming useless. In alkaline batteries sector we have found new development. They are useful beginning from TV controllers till most sophisticated accessories but when they are discharged, we cannot use them anymore, so those types of batteries are replaced with charging ones.  Electronic mails, scanner, various mobile applications are replacing the symbol of communication during the ’90.

The landline networks are replaced by optical fibers and mobile phones. From the first launching of the phones with cameras, the video-camera producers have decreased their sales. Despite of this, professionals still think that cameras or professional photographic devices are useful. Peoples are using photos which are taken by mobile phones. In this way, the mobile phones are converted in their competitors.

Now even “the mouse” is replaced by touching screens, remember Apple technology. Recently it is invented a technology where sooner the batteries charger will be replaced. Using this technology every device will be charged only by meeting another warmer object, avoiding in this way the connection with traditional chargers. As time passes every mobile producer will use this new technology. The launching of Smartwatch, caused the traditional watches to become useless.

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