Albanians in Syria

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shqiptar-siriOne of the many voluntary Kosovo Albanians in Syria, that have participated in the civil war a side with the rebels fighting against Bashar al-Assad tropes has uploaded a You Tube video which asks all those Muslim Kosovo Albanians that are true believers to follow this war and help as much as they can the Syrians that are in need of aids these difficult days.

This  Kosovo Albanian voluntary that aside with the Syrians rebels fights against the regime in Syria in his uploaded you tube video says that he is more then  happy that god has given him the opportunity to live with “Jihad”, after this speech this Kosovo Albanian voluntary started talking about the Sharia law and mentions that in Syria  the Sharia law is in power, but not by the corrupted and murderous government ruled by killer Bashar al-Asad but by the Syrian people.

My Muslim brothers around the world, i am sending you this message and keeping you advised from the Jihad land, and as you can see we thank “Allah” God, that gives us victory in this blessed land and all this victory is given to us all from him and we will always fight in  his name and are ready to give our life’s away at any time to protect our brothers and sisters.

We are not afraid from anyone we want freedom to our Syrian brothers and am more then happy that i have participated in this  war to protect my Muslim brothers. So young Muslim brothers open your eyes and see the real truth in this video directly from a rebel as they like to call us but we all are Allah soldiers and he has taught us to protect each other at anytime , any day or whenever is needed.  During his speech in the video the voluntary spoke in two languages Arabic and Albanian.

Then he asks all those muslim Albanians to join this war and help their Muslim brothers in their difficult days. Since the war has started in Syria Albanians by Muslim  faith from Macedonia and Kosovo have participated in the Syrian civil war and till now some of t hem are count dead during the war. As for Albanian Muslim from Albania there isn’t any data that someone from Albania has joined t he war aside the rebels in Syria.

Only a few days ago the Prime minister of Republic of Kosovo said for the media that his government introduced a law in force that whoever goes and joins the war in Syria automatically  is sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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