The tribunal for war crimes now with two branches.

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It is decided that the Kosovo Tribunal for the war crimes has decided to have two branches, one in Kosovo and the other one in Hague. This news has been declared for the “” portal, by international sources, according to which, the structure will function as a particular tribunal.

All the layer content will be international. It is learned that in the Hague Tribunal will testify only the protected witness. The international organizations insisted that the branch of the tribunal about the war crimes to be held outside Kosovo, while the Kosovo government suggested that it will be good that the tribunal to be in Kosovo.

Despite the news, the prime-minister, Hashim Thaci declared that it is not true and that there won’t be created a new tribunal branch outside Kosovo. According to him, there is an International mission in Kosovo (EULEX) and that the justice organs in Kosovo do exist and they are enough.

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