The life of Ardit Gjebrea

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ardit-gjebreaArdit Gjebrea is a very famous singer, producer and presenter in Albania. He has a long career as an artist in Albanian scenes. He started singing for the first time since he was five years old and since then Ardit hasn’t stop presenting Festivals and directing different shows in the country. During his childhood everyone remembers him with his songs titled (I Embel zeri Gjyshes, Kur kendoj per ty and o Nene). Then he appears as song author with the songs titled (Ballade per pionerin Deshmor) and after this he will start to produce his own songs.

Ardit first appearance on the scene was dated in December of 1991 participating at the Festival of (RTSH) presenting his new song titled (Jon) and was classified first. The song became a hit during those years and still up this date people remember him with his excellent performance that he gave on the scene in 1991. Then in 1995 Ardit Gjebrea participated again at the (RTSH) Festival presenting his new song titled (Eja) and then for the second time at the same event he was classified first.

After this he started organizing concerts in and outside of the country for the Albanian communities and during those years he won a big popularity all over Albanian territories. Ardit Gjebrea counts more than 250 concerts organized by him. His name is shouted almost in all stadiums, sports palaces and all the squares in almost of the cities in the country since 1994 until this date.

His concerts and performance still remain long in the memory of the public and most of the people and Medias have rated Ardit as the king of pop of all times. In his extraordinary performances are abroad in (London, Toronto, Barshov, Thessaloniki, Damsak, Istanbul, Zurich, Riga, Rome, Torino, Avellino, Brussels and Youngcheng in Hong Kong.

His career on Television is not only because he has ruined the most of important show like Miss and MR Albania or the Albanian Lottery but he also is the producer of the superb project (Kenga Magjike) that this year has reached its tenth edition. Up this date Ardit Gjebrea has a big popularity that support him in his career and so lately he runs the Sunday show in (TV Klan) titled (E djela Shqiptare).

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