The biography of Soni Malaj

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soniSoni Malaj was born on 24/09/1982 in Tropja, Albania. At the present days she lives in Tirane and in here she started her career as a singer. First she wanted to be a dancer but it was her grandmother decision to be a singer. At the beginning she create a group titled (Spirit voice) with her two best friends Eli and Dorina. The first song that they made was collaborating with the famous singer in Albania Ardit Gjebrea and they presented on a TV show the song was titled (Kur te jesh e merzitur Shume).

A couple of months later the group was separated because the other members of the group emigrated in other countries and then Soni Malaj started her career single. Soni Malaj has finished the French faculty and she can sing in four languages in English, Italian, French and of course Albanian. Her relationship with the other singer Flori has been for a long time to the attention of the paparazzi. They relationships finished in year 2008. Her best song ever still remains (Ndarja) which she won the prize (Best song) at the (Topfest) Festival.

A year later Serbia won the Festival of (Euro vision) with a song that resembled same as (Ndarja) and this fact was commented for a long time by the Albanian media and the foreign ones. Soni Malaj participated at the show (Dancing with the Stars) and her adventure as a dancer has put Soni on wings of love. Soni Malaj and her partner in the (Dancing with the Stars) show Mirko have exceeded friendship and they decelerated that they liked eachother.

In 2008 Soni Malaj organized a concert in Brooklyn New York for the Albanian community and she preformed excellent then she launched another new song titled (Edhe Pak). The next year in 2009 Soni Malaj collaborated with the famous Kosovo group Tingulli 3nt and they launched the hit song titled (Me Merr).

In 2010 she came with another collaboration with the RNB singer Stine they presented the song titled (Ti je Ok) also a hit one then at the present year which is 2011 Soni launched three new song single and along with other singers,(single Djemte me Ngacmonin) and in collaboration (Tequilla party along with Cani Lazoja) and her last one with Flori Mumajesi (Fluturimi).

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