Some amazing bets you will always win and 2 great illusions

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playing-cardsFor this fun bet what you need is about 20 playing cards. Now you have to turn 5 of the cards face up and after mix them in with the face down cards, you will see an end up packet that has five face up cards in it. Then call your friend to shuffle the cards as much as he wants and after tell him that you can place the cards behind your back within 15 seconds to sort them into 2 groups and each of the group will have the same number face-up cards.

This might sound impossible but its this simple. Here is the secret: When you place the cads behind your back you simply count of the top cards and then turn them over, and that’s why the pack is cardinal left hand will have the same number as the face-up cards as the packet of your right hand. Its so amazing and this will work every time.

Balance two matchsticks on a wineglass and challenge your friends to make them fall into the glass, but without touching or blowing on any of the objects.To be the winner of this bet, what you need to do is wet your finger, and have to rub the rim, of another wineglass, the rim will make the matches fall off into the wine glass.

In this other bet that you will always win you need to place a matchstick into a edge of a matchbox. You have to say to your friend that you are an amazing archer and you can flick another match across the table and knock the first match over. When you flick the match it will spin as it flies across, and so knock over the upright match.

Tell your friends that you can stop them standing up using just one finger, then after have them sit on a chair with their feet on the floor and their hands on their lap. When you place your finger on their forehead and lightly put their head back, they won’t be able to stand up.

In this illusions if you try to focus in propel way you will get everything so let’s begin. In the photo you can see the pink straw on the left which looks much smaller then the one on the right, in reality they are exactly the same size.

UntitledWell if you take a look at the drawing and see if you can count the number of grade-dots. While trying to focus on the great dots they will vanish just right in front of your eyes.

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