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fskThere are passed 6 years from the Independence Day of Kosovo but there are made just a few changes in economy. Poverty and unemployment are the main problems for Kosovo citizens. These are some of the reasons that have increased the number of asylum seekers in Western countries. The dark part of living in Kosovo is Corruption which comes from high institutions officials. There have been political development, too, in inside politics but also even in foreign affairs.

There are changed 4 presidents in 6 years of existing state, but in 2 parliamentary elections, manipulated or not, citizen didn’t change the Prime Minister. Actual discuss topic remains the political dialogue with Serbia about the Nord of Kosovo. This discussion is part of not only politicians and Nord of Kosovo lives, but it is part of all Albanians and Kosovo citizen. In this 6 anniversary, Hashim Thaci, The Kosovo’s Prime Minister, speaks about the first days of Independence, political life just after happening and for future projects, too. The Kosovo’s anthem will have its text – the Prime Minister says, – but it will have an integrative message.

The mission of Security Forces of Kosovo will be definitively changed. In its 15-years old of liberation it will be called Armed Forces of Kosovo, as it happens in every independent state.

“I have a large experience in these genre processes, since Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was founded, then with the transforming of KLA in to Kosovo Protection Corps in 1999 and with creation of Security Forces of Kosovo in 2008. But what I want to confirm today, is that for the first time SFK is passing its last days because it will be called Armed Forces of Kosovo”- says for Albanian press, Hashim Thaci, the Prime Minister of Kosovo. The economic problems, according to the Prime Minister, are justified with the maximal commitment to dialogue process. Anyway the economic growth has been kept constant, in a satisfying level. We have too much work to do with Serbia, as it is, for example, removing Kosovo from Serbian constitution, which makes Kosovo Serbian territory. Thaci says that there is not another way for Serbia: Nearer to European Union farther Kosovo. “Serbia is going to change its constitution and settle the Kosovo issue and also it will begin to recognize Kosovo Republic.- notes Hashim Thaci.

Thaci says also that it is not true that Nord of Kosovo has a political autonomy, having the possibility to collaborate with Serbia. It is clear that the Kosovo Nord has taken the integration way along Kosovo Institutions. But, according to Thaci, it is the Iber barricade which gives the message of separation.

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