Rovena Stefa a little about her

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roviRovena Stefa was born on 27/04/1979 in Fier Albania. At six years old was her first participation in concurs of presentation for kids show which she was awarded. Rovena finished her high school in the city of Elbasan at the foreign language school for French. At 16 years old she was presented in a yearly concert in Elbasan, and Rovena singed Mariah Carey song which she made all the public all for herself with her magic voice. Rovena Stefa then became active in theater of Skampa in all activities shows.

At spring of 1996 she won her first prize as an adult which she was titled by all highs schools at the city (princes at singing of Marathon). Two months later she participates again at the Festival of spring with her new song titled (Mashtrim qe nuk te Vret) which she takes her second awarded. During the years she is present at all festivals in the country and in spring of 1998 she made her new song titled (Nje gjethe me Nis) which it became a hit for that year. A year later she participated at the Festival (Kenga Magjike) with a duet and she won the prize of best performer.

rovenaThen during years she moved in Tirana and she started organizes concerts in all over the country, and in 2002 she was presented in a traditional Festival in Prizren called (Zambaku I Prizrenit) and she was awarded. On June of 2002 she made her first album titled (Bie Debore). Two years later she published her second album which it was the most successful one the all Albanians territories music markets.

The album was titled (Dasma) and the song with the same name it became a hit for the year, but also two more songs on the album were very liked by the public. Rovena Stefa then was present in a concert in Europe along with other singers performing for the Albanian communities. In 2008 Rovena published her third album titled (Lum e Lum) and the song titled (Burre te Martuar Dashurova) was published along in a video clip and it was the most successful song in the album.

A year later Rovena Stefa launched two more new songs along with video clips and they were titled (Malli and Rrofte shqipja dhe Vatani) wich they were most wanted song in the internet. In 2010 she came with a new song titled (Tundi Vallet) and in the present year she published her new album titled (Ndegjo Rovin).

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