Rezarta Shkurta

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rezartaaaRezarta Shkurta was born on 18/11/1986 in Durres Albania. At 12 years old she started studding on art and modern ballet, which she was talented on it. Rezarta in year 2000 went at the school (Lice artistic) which she found out that it had talent as a classic painter.

Then in 2004 she opened her first exhibition with her best work at the city of Durres. Rezarta Shkurta in 2005 participated at the beauty concurs in the city of Durres and was crowned Miss Durresi, then at the same year she participated at (Miss Model of the World) which she went in the final night and won the prize (Best in Bikini).

Then she started her career as a model, and became the most wanted and paid model for the Albanian model market. At the calendar of year 2006 Rezarta presents two months on it April and June. In the same time she used to take parts in the fashion parades, but her new project was to take part in the music market. Rezarta Shkurti worked very hard and in a couple of months she made her first new song titled (DJ) which it became a hit.

Then Rezarta was not anymore an unknown name for the Albanians she started participating at TV shows and different clubs in Albania. Then she came with another song titled (Matura) and she started being present at different concerts along with other singers. During the years Rezarta made many other songs some of them hit ones, now she has a lot of fans all over Albania and her last songs that she has made at the present year 2011 is titled (budallicke) and the other song was with the other singer Vedat Ademi titled (Iki Larg).

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