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History of RTK

In 1999 UNMIK / OSCE invites the European Broadcasting union (EBU) to open and manage a television broadcaster in Kosovo and by memorandum (MOU) of the OSCE. In September1999 RTK begins the first live broadcasting to the public of Kosovo only 2 hours a day, while a month later in October Osce implements a public broadcasting “Radio Pristina” in RTK, which is known as “Radio Pristina”. While a year later the radio station known as “Radio Blue Sky” joined RTK.

A couple of month later the radio television of Kosovo begins its expansion with various programs and live broadcast 4 hours a day. In the new project of RTK began broadcasting in the Serbian language due to the fulfillment of Kosovo Serbs. Later RTK started to broadcast news and teaching programs in the Turkish language for the Turk community.

RTK also started broadcasting a new network of terrestrial broadcasting of Kosovo. In June of 2001 the the UNMIK regulation will formally create broadcaster in RTK in need of the public service who had a non political board. And after that the TV started to launch an audio broadcast and created official websites to increase audience and in the same time informing all Albanians throughout the world. A month later RTK started increasing the hours of broadcasting and also started to broadcast news in the Bosnian language.

RTK television changed their signal from analog to digital satellite in the same year. In September the director broad was created and after consulting it was chosen Adem Demaci.

In 2002 RTK expand its broadcasts in more than 15 hours a day on terrestrial and satellite waves, where 65% of those programs were for the whole family and 35% of them would be brought by transmitter or foreign companies or productions.
Today RTK is one of the most viewed Televisions in Kosovo and for the Diaspora Albanians which informs 24 hours a day. It has a large public not only Albanians but also Serbs, Bosnians, and other ethnic population in that region.

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