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popePope Francis is the icon of the moment. He usually uses his account on Twitter to communicate with his followers all over the world (more than 12 billion followers). He is the most clicked person in the international network, and feeling totally able to adopt with the internet decade, he makes a “selfie” remembering the students.

A Pope, sun of the recent modern times, he is the media success, being also a comic actor for the children. He is portrayed in graffiti as a superhero in Rome, while “Time” and “The Rolling Stone” magazines have dedicated a cover. The new technologies represent a major opportunity for the Church and it is because of this, why Pope Francis is aware. Almost every day, using 140 characters, he performs a direct contact with his followers on Twitter (@Pontifex), with a translation into 8 languages of the world, including Latin.

The new Pope likes to be between lots of people, and not only in social networks. As his we have seen in his publications, he can publish a photo with his friends and in a few seconds it is spread in all over the social networks and not only. Beside the large number of followers, Pope Francis resulted to be “the year personage” on internet (International Network).

According to a survey launched on 2014, the Pope, results to be the person with the largest number of monthly searching on Google, and the most mentioned person on networks, compared with other leaders in the world. In this classification, the second and the third place belong to, respectively, Barack Obama and Edward Snowden. The Pope “blessed” in this way, the network, too. “It is a good thing, a gift from God, it offers you the chance to meet and know lots of persons”- explains in the World Social Communication Day, noting that the SMS speed won’t take your time to listen and to be silent”

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