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popePope Francis has made an unexpected attach toward the mafia, warning them that they are going I at hell, if they do not stop doing those things. For all the times they keep doing what they are doing, they will be the same as the devil. The money earned by blood, the authority earned by bloodshed cannot be taken in the other world. Regret is the solution – said the pope during a manifestation of praying with the dead men familiars, killed by mafia.

The pope talked for a long time for the corruption devils and wrote a brochure for this issue in 2005 when he was only an Archbishop in Buenos Aires. The Friday meeting in Rome, organized by a group of citizens, called “Libera”, aimed to demonstrate for the opposition of Catholic Church for the organized crime, refusing the historical connections with the mafias Bosses, who pretend to be good Catholics.

This manifestation has been followed by the persons who have lost their dearest by mafia. The pope has been listening all the time, and he seems thoughtful while the names of the dead people were reading. After expressing his solidarity with 892 participants, he said that he cannot be away his actual obligation without addressing the participants, the “protagonists” of the mafia violation.

The life you are now living, will not give you satisfaction. You won’t be happy. There is still the time to not end up at the hell, a destination you cannot avoid if you keep doing what you have done- said the pope in this words.

According to the studies, there is a large list of good clerical in Italy, who have not become part of mafia. Some of them paid with their life, but the Church has been accused for not making everything possible for avoiding the gangsters. The “Libera’s” activists hope for a good signal, from the pope words.

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