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north-koreaAccording to the South Korea Defense Ministry, North Korea issued 4 short-range rockets in an action in East Sea, also known as the Japan Sea. The rockets, which weren’t directed toward South waters, but toward Russia, fell into the sea and are considered an insignificant problem. The rockets were fired just some days after the launch of the annual military joint practices between South Korea and the United States, which are challenged by North Korea.

This joint military exercises have consistently created tensions between these three parties. For example, the last year exercises caused weeks tensions between these countries, until North Korea threatened to begin a war, including the May incident, where the communist country fired sic rockets with a short-range action. Military practices between South and USA have not been specific, relating with the country where the exercises are happening.

It still remains unclear if the rockets were fired toward these military practices. During the incoming days we will have more detailed information about this issue. The foreign policy experts say that the North Korea rockets cannot warn rapid activities by Pen –Ian, like last year, when there were nuclear attacks threats against USA and South Korea.

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