Nora Isterfi

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nora-istrefiNora Isterfi was born on 25/03/1986/ Pristine Kosovo. Nora Isterfi is well known singer from Kosovo. She started her career 18 years old. The first song that she was introducing to the people was (Go Now) and it was a successful song.

Then in a few months she collaborated with the famous rep group Tingulli 3nt and they launched the song titled (Hey, hey, hey). Nora Isterfi grew even more fans after launching this songs, now she become famous also in (Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania).

She started taking part with other singers at concerts and clubs. But even more success was coming through, in 2005 she made another song titled (Negative) along with a video clip which was nominated the best video clip of the year and then in 2006 she made another song titled (Taxi) also a successful one. This two last songs Nora include them in two the albums titled (Opium) and (Angel).

These albums had a success all over the Albanian territories. Nora is engaged with Robert Berisha, he is also famous in Kosovo after his long relationship with the other famous singer Adelina Ismajili.

Also his included in the music industry as well. In 2010 she had collaboration with TDS and they launched the song titled (Brake It).Up this date Nora has done a couple collaborations along with other singers from all types of rhythm starting from folk, rap and pop.

In 2011 Nora has done a couple of songs singe and along with other singers here are two of her singles songs (2 friends, It’s not the Same) and in collaboration she came with Mc kresha with the song titled(No Noise) and her last song launched a month ago came on with Ermal Fejzullahu titled (I Know).

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