Nelson Mandela died at his home on Thursday

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nelson-mandelaThe first black President of South Africa the anti-apartheid icon that spent 27 years of his life behind bars and led his nation to democracy died on Thursday at his home at 95 years old. The South African President Jacob Zuma said, :He is now resting, He is now at peace.” “South Africa today just lost her greatest son, Zuma continued and our people have lost their father. Soon a state funeral will be held and the South African President Jacob Zuma have called for mourners to conduct themselves with ” the dignity and respect” which the ext president that now  is resting in peace personified.

It does not matter if we are in the country or whenever we are in this world, we will reaffirm the vision of the society… in which none is exploited, oppressed or dispossessed by another, “These were the words of his that he tribute to began pouring in form across the world. Even tho Nelson Mandela was in power only for five years, we are remembering him as a figure of enormous moral influence the world over and also will be remembered as the symbol of the revolution and the resistance of triumph over the racial segregation.

Nelson Mandela has inspired this generation of activists left celebrities and even world leaders star-struck which have won the Nobel Peace Prize and has raised millions for humanitarian causes.

Nelson Mandela was a figure to this world that everyone should take a lesson of him of what he did suffer and pass throw his life and at the end he reached the points that he wanted so badly. South Africa on Thursday just lost her son and the South African people just lost their father and Nelson Mandela will be in our minds forever.

It is been said that he lost his life by the disease of his lungs problems that he was suffering this last few months. Just a few months ago he was sent to Hospital in South Africa and stayed there for over a month for the breathing problems Nelson Mandela had. 

A mini Biography of Nelson Mandela the place were was born and a few important things during his life career! 

Born in a small village in eastern Cape of South Africa in 1918. Nelson Mandela was the youngest son of the family and  his father was a counselor chief in Thembu clan. Nelson Mandela was pictured in 1950, only six years after Mandela found the South African National Congress.

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