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The Coca-Cola formula has been kept secret for years and no one has discovered it. In every label of its products are written the ingredients of the most consumed drink in the world, but the quantity used of them has been kept secret.

American collector from Ringgold, Cliff Kluge, thinks he discovered an old document, that he bought lately, where he found the Coca- Colas formula rejecting in this way, the secret myth of the refreshing drink. He says that he has got the formula and he will float it. His offer on e-bay reaches $15billion.

During those years when Coca – Cola had problems with the ingredients balance, in a 1943 document, an America chemist was employed to compile the real formula of this drink. It is thought that the chemist worked for a long time in Georgia .

Kluge declared for American media that documents like this cannot be found everyday and that he is very assertive about the original recipe of Coca-Cola. By the other side, the company qualifies this declaration as a fraud.

Ted Ryan, Coca- Cola representative, declared that there are dozens of recipes that is pretended to be the original, but in reality these are only some recipes based on original formula. It was John Pemberton S. who compiled the first Coca-Cola’s formula in 1886 and it is safe on Coca-Cola’s museum in Atlanta. So the formula found by Kluge may be one of them.

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