Aurela Gace

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aurela-gaceAurela Gace Date of birth 16/10/1974 Aurela Gace was born in a village (Llakatund) in the city of Vlora. Aurela started singing since 4 years old at the Festival of kids in Vlora. Aurela since a kid was not interesting of school and most of her time she used to spend it singing and she had a dream that she wanted to be a famous singer and when she was 19 years old she participated at the (RTSH) Festival and four months later she appeared at the spring Festival taking her first prize.

After taking her first prize the success went further then she participates with her song titled (Nata) at the Festival of 1995 that gave her a big number of fans. In the Festival of 1998 Aurela Gace presents her song titled (Fati yne shprese dhe Marrezi) which will be remained for a long time for the Albanian people, she was classified second but even at the presents day’s Albanians still listen to the song.

Then the next year Aurela participates again at the Festival of 1999 with her song titled (Sjam tribu) and she was classified first, then in year 2001 she participates again at the same event and she was classified first, with her song (Ndjej). After 2001 Aurela went in America and lived in there for five years, during the time in America she quickly gained popularity in the Albanian community due to her tremendous voice and excellent performances, starting from clubs, concerts and private events all over America.

In 2004 she performed the both national anthems the Albanian and the American one at an event with President Bill Clinton. In March 2007 the photographer Fadil Berisha, organized a concert and chose Aurela, to play a tribute, to legendary singers Nexhmije Pagarusha and the most prefer singer for all times Vace Zela.At the same year Aurela made her come back in Albania and she participates at the (Kenga Magjike Festival) presenting her new song titled (Hape Veten) and she was classified first.

Aurela Gace has surprised so many times her fans, this time at the show of (Grabocka) she performed in an excellent way the famous musician (Cabaret) which is shown for the first time in America 1972. Then Aurela gace released her sixth album titled (Mu thane Syte).

In 2010 Aurela gace collaborates along with (Dr Flori) and (Marsel) they presented the song titled (origjinale) wich becomes the hit of the year. The next year Aurela Gace was chosen to represent Albania at the Eurovision Festival with her song (Fill the Passion) and in June of this year Aurela Gace collaborates with Mc Kresha and they launched the song titled (Cash) which also is a hit of this year. God has gave Aurela a gift, her magic voice that is loved by everyone that listen to her music.

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