Ingrid Gjoni learn about her first steps in music industry

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ingrid_gjoniIngrid Gjoni was born in 24/12/1981/ Tirane, Albania.

Her mother and father are from North Albania, the town of Tropoje and Ingrid many time refers her self as an traditional Northern Albanian woman that respects the folk culture of her town much often. She is also known as the first Albanian female model.

From a very young age her  talent as a dancer  was discovered during her primary school also since that age she was the first showgirl also Indgrid used to organize time after time school shows where all the talented pupils used to  entertain with their talent teachers and other students.

When school years ended up then her career started becoming bigger and during the year of 1998 she moved to Greece for a small period of time to work as a Fashion model, and in couple of years we see her as a singer and in this sector Ingrid Gjoni knew the prefect steps being successful and making a tone of fans.

Even tho she as a singer she had a lot of success but her old passion of being a model Ingrid never stepped out and in 1999 she moved to America and started modeling of a bikini company. She was graduated at the Academy of Arts, for acting! In 2002 was named as the most successful girl of first page magazine covers. In 2005 she collaborated with her sister (Inins) and they came along with a song (The black side of yours).

At the year forward in winter of 2006 Ingrid made her new song titled (Why Me). And in the same year she participated at the (Top fest 3 Festival) along with (Sabian) and they represented the song (Haven), and then she continuous with a new song titled (One on One).

The success now is with her because in the forward years she came with many other songs some of them hits. So in spring of 2007 Ingrid published a new video clip titled (Barbie Silicon), in December of the same year brought out another song titled (Vitamin). Ingrid in 2008 participates again at the (Top fest 5) festival presenting the song (Week-End) which came in the finally.

ingridThen in summer Ingrid collaborates with her best friend Ciljeta and they made the song titled (Kiss Kiss). The year 2009 was the year for the awards, in January came with a new song titled (Each-other) and then she participated again at the (Top fest 6) with the song (Extreme) and she won the best preferred song of, ( Top Albania radio).

In a small time of period comes her new song (Hypnotize Me). Ingrid along with other singers they organized a tour around Europe for the Albanian community. Then Ingrid participates again in a Festival of (Magic Song) this time with the song  was titled (Give me Give me) and she won the prize (Best dance).

In the end of 2009 she collaborates with Kastro Zizo and OG presenting the song (sick). Ingrid in 2010 realized her first album titled (Extreme) then she came again with a new video clip and it is her favorites one (Sorry).

On April of 2011 Ingrid comes with another collaborating this time with Stine and they presented the song (relax) organized also by Stine. The last video clip that Ingrid has made is (My heart is Crying) along with Tony Ray, and is the hit song of the summer of 2011.Up this date Ingrid Gjoni has a large participation at different concerts all over the country. She is still active as a singer and as a model.

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