Illegal gambling in Kosovo

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liburn-aliuThe annual turnover of illegal games in Kosovo exceeds the amount of 100 million euros and serves direct on money which is used by organized crime. It was said in a press conference for the Self-Determination movement political party. The representatives of the movement have consider that favoring illegal gambling enterprises politics is done in exchange for funding from gambling policy. This was sais today in a press conference of the political party “Vetvendosje”. Representatives of this political party have consider that favoring the illegal gambling enterprises is done to exchange the founding from gambling policy.

This law should be changed. The betting and gambling should be force to close because the poorer citizens having so little income from their few hours jobs have nothing else to do and enter this gambling places and spent all their money in there. This organized crime that own this gambling shops put all the poorer citizens in their vicious circles, and the all this poorer citizens with their hope in their mind that they will win something spend all their money in there. This extortion simultaneously enriches the rulers and make even poorer the desperate citizens that fall into their vicious circle: has declared the deputy of the “Vetvendosje” Liburn Aliu. 

While Ylli Hoxha, head of the Anti-Corruption Committee on Self-Determination, states that, if ATK for 30 days does not regulate this problem, they will file a suit against them. “We believe that by Monday, ATK must start withdrawing licenses for all gambling operators that are against the law. And in direct violation of the law are the vast majority of bookmakers and electronic games that operate in Kosovo today.

We are expecting that all the illegal bookmakers and illegal seuzure of apparatus have to finish no later then 30 days from today. If ATK does not begin to enforce the law and repair the anarchic situation, pulling all the licenses illegally, we will be forced to raise charges against this institution, and for that we are already ready, “said Hoxha. The report of the Assembly, according to self-determination, should be followed by a serious and thorough investigation to prosecution and law enforcement authorities

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