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sugarThe recommended quantity of consuming sugar has to be below 10% of total calories that a person gets every day, while the objective is to be under 5%. The suggested limits are applied by every type of sugar, even for the sugar found in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit concentrates.

The Britain activists say that this is a tragedy and that IHO needed almost 10 years to change its advice. The recommendation, that the sugar has to be consumed below 10% of the daily calories, is approved in 2002. But which is the recommended quantity?

It is thought that an adult should consume 50 g per day. Anyway, some experts say that 10 % is a high level, that’s because the levels of obesity in the world are highly increased. IHO noticed through a declaration that the actual recommendation is that the sugars have to be less than 10% of the total energy taken during the day.

The new draft proposes also, that the objective is 5%. The public health in Britain makes known that the scientific consultant comity is studying the facts about the sugar in Britain diets. Alison Tedstone, the Diets and Food Director said that the Polls show that Britain population has to reduce the sugar. The actual average for adults is 11.6% while for children 15.2%.

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