How can Miller Enter Albania?

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erjon_braceAfter one week the Peruvian media reported the arrest of, Peruvian Former Foreign Minister, Manuel Augusto Blacker Miller in Tirane  Albania and the part of a coup, some new details have come to light about him that how was he able to enter Albania, although he was a fugitive most wanted by Peruvian justice.

Erjon Brace the Socialist MP posted s status on Facebook that the Prime Minister of Albania Mr, Sali Berisha has stayed silent in a very compromising way. Brace was referring to some data secured by the airport of Tirane, Mother Theresa system, and he have said on his Facebook post that the Peruvian Former Foreign Minister, Mr, Miller has entered Albania on 10th September 2012 from Rome, at time 12:31, through the “Alitalia” airline, with a passport number 469877-PE. Erjon Brace also said that the Albanian system have shown that Miller has never left Albania. Also the Albanian Interior Ministry has declared that there was no arrest order from Interpol.

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