(Homo) sexual education in schools in Vojvodina

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ivica-dacicAngry responses from some European officials for canceling gay parade clarified that the “Pride Parade” is one of the key conditions for membership in the EU, which immediately prompted President Nikolic to issue the command to prepare for the next parade should start immediately. Encouraged, Serbian LGBT activists are already scheduled following the parade for next May, so you should prepare the public and the rest for safe walking.

Other actors in the political scene of this problem mostly silent, so as not to get minuses in notebooks evrobirokrata, while still only Ivica Dacic flounders would not hardy in SPS sheep mitigate the embarrassment over the announced participation Branko Ruzic in solemn procession, which was a few days ago should to walk in Belgrade.

Trying to (for the umpteenth time) wash tarnished image among its presumably largely conservative electorate, Dacic said that homosexuality is considered unnatural and explained that it was soaked in Brussels “irradiated” these ideas, and that Europe as a next step to seek legalization gay marriage. “They wanted to put in, and textbooks. That our children learn about it tomorrow, “said Dacic ostensibly concerned.

Comment on Dacic’s hypocrisy has long become unnecessary, even as his concern for the content of school textbooks are for nothing else but an attempt to limit damage by itself because of its policy of continuously applied. Hypocrisy is also the silence of others, and turning heads while imposing LGBT attitudes already implemented, and in some schools in Vojvodina, through Project Health education on reproductive health.

The pilot project, which has been called sex education, organized by the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth Affairs, and aims to 1200 students in 40 classes during the academic year 2013/14. in five high school and five vocational high schools learn about their reproductive health. According to the organizers, classes would if all goes according to plan should be next year and expand to other schools in the province, with the full support of the Government of Vojvodina Bojan Pajtic president. For this new subject has been written and manual, and one of the authors prof. Dr. Alexander Kapamadžija said his emphasis is not placed on the negative, such as, for example sexually transmitted diseases, but also the good things like falling in love, and love.

She added that the authors have not only the anatomy of sexual organs, but also psychological issues, such as when is the moment when you should say no, how to accept your body, along with “a lot of different topics.” A variety of topics include issues of abortion, homosexuality, gender roles, and the like, which are addressed by the model of what textbooks are made ​​in the EU, which fully promote the views of LGBT people and their lobbies, with appropriate illustrations.

Manual “Health education on reproductive health” does not, however, the approval of the state ministry, but for anyone in authority seems it does not matter, as LGBT rights, which has become one of the most important conditions for Serbia’s progress in European integration, has been included in the body of “human rights “that must be applied.

Students who attend sex ed classes are not yet an adult, mature and established personality, which is why this practice in Russia is regulated by the Law on the Prohibition of homosexual propaganda to minors, according to which individuals who promote “homosexual behavior” can be fined up to 5,000 rubles ( 124 euros), officials who do so can get ten times the punishment, and businesses and schools can be penalized with up to 500,000 rubles (12,400 euros).

“The European” Serbia thing running in the other, and the first hour of sexual education in Becej appeared personally Bojan Pajtic who then said that the province has introduced sex education in secondary schools because they “decided to declare war on prejudice and ignorance.” ” On average, young people in Vojvodina engage in sexual intercourse at age 16. We want to give them the kind of knowledge that will enable them to protect themselves and others, and to maintain their health and that as adults get their children, who will grow up in a healthy and normal way – said at the end Pajtić Bečej . After this speech, and then continue on the program of the LGBT lobby, the question remains – which one of these students stay healthy and who is normal?

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