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kosovo-armed-forcesThe army will have 8000 soldiers, 5000 active soldiers and 3000 reserve. There will be those units in the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Kosovo: Land forces, National Guard, Logistic Command and Training and Doctrine Command. The military will need a minimum budget of 65 billion EUR per year so it could operate with full capacity. The Minister of FSK, Agim Ceku, during the Government Meeting, when they need to approve the converting of FSK to Kosovo Armed Forces, launched the structure, mission and the duties of this force.

He declared that there will be 5000 soldiers and 3000 will be reserve. Part of Ministry of Defense will be the head of Defense, who will be the commander of Armed Forces of Kosovo, while the supreme commander will be the President of Kosovo. He said that this Force will have its General Headquarters and this one will have these units: Land forces, National Guard, Logistic Command and Training and Doctrine Command.

Then there will be 4 independent units, which will be : Military Academy, Military Police, The Headquarters Support Company and the Strategic Communication Company. The duties of this Force will be: the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Republic of Kosovo, supporting civil authorities, support the communities, as well as participation in international operations to support and preserve peace.

The mission of the Armed Forces is to be always ready and able to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity, to protect people, their property, the Kosovo Republic interests and to contribute in building and maintaining peace and regional stability. The construction of the Force will be in 3 phases and when it will reach the full operational capacity of the force, it will need an annual budget of 65 billion EUR. The Government took the decision to format the army. The Kosovo Government decided to convert the Kosovo Security Forces in to Kosovo Armed Forces. In the same time, The FSK Ministry will convert in to Ministry of Defense.

This decision comes from the approval of the Kosovo Security Council. What the Prime minister, Hashim Thaci told in the Government Meeting on February 17 about the converting of FSK to Kosovo Armed Forces, now will be reality. “As we have declared on February 17, today we will decide that FSK will be converted in to Kosovo Armed Forces and in this way we will change the mission, the duties, the structure and the sizes. FSK will be the Ministry of Defense”- said the Prime Minister. He also said that this is important not only for Kosovo but for entire region.

“This will be good for our country, for our citizens, without ethnic, religious or political differences. This will be good for the entire region. This will be good for the integration processes which proves our commitment to change Kosovo and to transform, to produce more security, to guarantee its security, which will be a relevant factor for the regional security and not only, the global security, too.

The Kosovo Armed Forces mission is to be always ready to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity, to protect citizens, their property and the Kosovo Interests as well as to contribute to building and maintaining regional peace and stability – said Ceku.

Regarding to the budget that is necessary to create FSK, it is thought that it will need 5 billion extra for the next 5 years. The creation of the Armed Forces will pass through 3 phases and starting by this year and until 2016, there will be some necessary legal changes.

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