Genta Ismajli

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gentaGenta Ismajili was born in Gjilan Kosovo 12/04/1984/. When she was seven month old she moved in Chicago USA with her parents for a better life. At age 19 she returned to Kosovo to sing a song. Her first song was “Kthehu” the video clip was released in USA so when she came in Kosovo she was already known. She moved to Kosovo and participated in different music shows. In 2005 she participated at “Kenga Magjike” with the song titled (Sdua tjeter) composed by Adrian Hila.

Genta sings mostly pop music and is very popular in all over Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and of course the Albanian Diaspora. Genta collaborated with Tingulli 3nt with a song called “krejt e din” after this she become a star for all of her fans. Having been awarded two important prizes at the (Zhurma show Awards) in year 2005 she traveled, to Sweden to record a new song which is expected to be published soon.

Genta is also known as good dancer, she took part in the spectacle “Dancing with the stars”, and she won the second place. Genta has also participated in the “RTV21”, program prepared by Naim krasniqi, along with other pop and folk singers. In 2006 she won the second place in the Euro video Grand Prix (European Music Festival) with her song “Possessive”.

In the same year she won first place in (Music Category in Albanian Music Video Awards) with her production for that year in all categories. In 2004 she had the number one selling album in Kosovo, Switzerland and Germany for the Albanian market. In the same year she won best performance at the poly-fest music festival in Kosovo.

Genta Ismajili has produced and released 12 music videos and performed on live shows, with over 100 appearances. She also performed at over 300 concerts around the globe throughout Europe, U.S. and Canada. She has over 40 million views on her videos on You Tube and her Facebook has more then 600K fans. In present days Genta Ismajli still sings and her songs always turn into big hits. One of her special hobbies is still practicing dancing and participating in local night clubs along with other famous Albanian singers.

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