First trail against the Drenica Group

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the-trail-of-drenica-groupThe first trial of the Drenica Group has been completed. The Group of Drenica are accused of war crimes during the war in 1998 in Likovc. In today trail the prosecutor read the indictment against the 15 former of the members of the Liberation Army of Kosovo, (KLA).

All the defendants have pleaded not guilty against the charges made for them by EULEX prosecutor. The lawyer of Sami Lushtakut, Arianit Koci have requested to the panel that his client must be relased for a few hours to make an oath in Seknderaj Municipal Assembly, after he was reconfirming a mayor of this municipality during the elections that were held on November 3. While the presiding judge said he will decide in the coming days. The nest trail will be held next month after the presentation of the evidence by the defense.

The Group of Drenica are accessed by the prosecutors of EULEX, that during the war of 1998 they have committed war crimes on the civilians. The members of the Liberation Army of Kosovo have denied everything and have declared that they have never done such things during the war.

One of the members declared that the Liberation Army of Kosovo was not like the Serbian army they have even helped out many Serbian families during the war and his saying was also been said by an Serbian family that during the war in Likovc tha KLA army have helped and supplied food to all Serbs that lived there and considered them as their own people.  The lawyers of the Group of Drenecia declared to the judge that this is a shame for all the Albanians KLA ex-members, such accusations without any evidence give to the world a bad name. In the end the lawyers said that they will prove to everyone that the Group of Drenecia fought only for the protection and liberation of their land.

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