Fight to power, goverment eclipse

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Letter Withers: “Statements released by American State Department does not consider the erode of Democracy in Albania”

John Withers who is the former U.S.A Ambassador to Tirana is once again addressed to Albanian people through an open letter after the U.S State Department statements. According to Mr.Withers, Arvizu speaks on behalf of the U.S government and he is afraid of the fact that there is a lot of power concentrated and treated by only few hands what is to add that independent institutions are weakening and fight to save power has eclipsed the government recently.

According to him if there is no change in this situation Albania is likely to fall under regime of the most powerful.

If the Situation continues the same, then the regime of the strongest will run the country mention once more Mr. Withers!

No Elections unless full electoral reform!

Besnik Baraj, resigned from the post of chairman of the Headship of Tirana, after the elections in the Municipality of Tirana. Mr.Baraj considers integration in an interview for “Telegraf” neither as a gift  nor as a political compromise brought by the others.

According to him Integration stars  from ourselves, from the will to respect the standards and the only responsible for the progress of our country stands on the political class that leads it and at the layer of intelligence being like a locomotive leading nation towards development.

No changes on system, no interest intervention in constitution.

One of the most debated political issues in our country is the Electoral Reform. Gerti Bogdani, the DP deputy emphasizes in an interview for “Telegraf” that the system will not change because of the fact that it requires interventions in the constitution.

According to him, Constitution is not an ordinary law which can be changed by political interests what constitutes the main reason for which the system will not be changed. Mr. Bogdani considers the electronic counting of votes as a more efficient work.

Monument of 100-th Anniversary of Independence.

Constructions of the very discussed Monument of the 100-th anniversary of Independence is considered to symbolize a dignified representative part of our nation’s history which will travel with the story through years and centuries as indivisible parts of each other.

Five best drafts were chosen during a selection in the National Gallery of Art lobby where only the president of the jury and the Minister of Culture were present and none of 61 works authors attended it.

No any personality of our history or culture, no any representative of the Albanian community Albanian worldwide territories were at the competition.


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