Eurostar, The Trains Are Stopped By The Lightning!

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eurostar-rtk-liveHundreds of passengers of “Eurostar” have been late for going in their destination as a result of a lightning hit of the high speed trains during their way in Kent. The lightning caused a fire in a building near the Channel tunnel entrance causing a high loss of electricity near Ashford.

The Eurostar Company declared on its account in Twitter that the 3 services to London and a train whose destination was Paris, are affected by this situation created by the lightning. According to this notification, the train toward London will continue their activity once the electricity will come back.

The company first said that the two trains which have the itinerary Paris- London and one Brussels- London are returning to their partence points. Anyway in a second notification the Eurostar service told that the trains are continuing their way toward London.

There were also cancelled the train services toward south- east region and the trains which had the itinerary travel from Ashford to Ramsgate. A message to the Company account wrote that there was almost impossible to put a train in service toward those directions, meanwhile there is a local train which serves from Dover Priory to Ramsgate. There have been lots of fire incidents in this time in this area caused from the lightning.

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