Durres – Student executed in high school class

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shkozettA 17- years old student, was killed in his practice classroom with an automatic gun by his classmate. The event took place around 10:00 am, while the 19 students of the first grade were taking lessons of practice in the mechanic class. During the teaching an armed student from the same school has taken his gun out and directly shot the 17 years old student Adriatik Toto. Earlier the same day other students said to the police that between the two students had happen a fight.

Then for the police it wasn’t difficult to identify the author of this crime. The family members of the author of the crime were asked by police to go to the station for further information, and it was one of the family members that has made much easier for the police to arrest the crime author Endrin Baraku, this last one also 17 years old.

Earlier the police has found the crime weapon and a little further was found also the supposed clothing of the student who committed this crime and after he done the crime is supposed that he has thrown the clothing and the weapon away. The other pupils and the teacher who were the first witnesses have refused to comment for this crime and to give any information to the police or the media. A few hours later in the school the Interior Minister Sajmir Tahiri and the Minister of Education, Lindita Nicholas have arrived and talked about this tragedy.

After the arrest and after the police came out for the media with the answer of this tragic crime have said: The arrested student declared that he has killed the 17 years old Adriatik Toto, because he was bullied by him every time during launch brakes or inside classes. The bullied student had enough and decided to make this tragic crime deciding to kill the person who been making fun of him for a long time. We are still investigating for further information but till now this is the only conclusion and information we have collected from other students and the crime author declaration.

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