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churchillAccording to the secret documents published by the British press, there was a large level of ingratitude and antipathy against British during the Second World War, by the Commander Charles Des Gaulles.

He commanded a provisional government from London after the invasion of France by Nazi Germany and he collaborated with the allies. He became the President after the ending of the war. During an accident in 1940 when one of the closest assistants of Des Gaulles was sentenced for spying, Des Gaulle unmasked all its fury.

Despite the fact, the accuses weren’t true and his assistant took his freedom back, and not only this but also, the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, apologized, Des Gaulles never trusted to British partners. In 1945, the Commander invited the British Ambassador and said to him: “We aren’t in the position to be enemies with you, but Britain has offended France and has betrayed the West.

This cannot be forgotten!”  According to the reports, the Commander did not forgive the British because lots of intelligence operations during the Second World War, were kept secret for Des Gaulles and France. As it seems, Des Gaulles even when was dead, didn’t change his opinion about British. The Des Gaulles France, years later founded EU, collaborating with Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, but for years Paris vetoed the Britain participation in EU, which illustrates a clear position of France against Britain.

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