Chinese spacecraft “Cang-3” landing on the moon

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chinaChina’s ambitious mission to send the robotic Chang’e-3 moon lander to explore Earth’s natural satellite is scheduled for launch on December 2 at 01:30 local time (21:30 MSK on December 1), reported China Central Television on Saturday. Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the landing “hardest” part of the mission, while the representative of the European Space Agency (ESA) Karl Bergkvis said that the biggest challenge of finding a flat surface to land.

Within the spacecraft’s lunar module and the first Chinese lunohod “Jujtu” or “Jade Rabbit”, weighs about 100 pounds, who can develop a speed of 200 meters per hour.

A self-propelled Lunokhod leave the “Cang-3” and begin a three-month mission to study the geological structures and materials on the surface of the moon on Sunday, said Itar-Tass.

Name of cosmic craft Cang given the name of the ancient Chinese goddess of the moon, the Lunokhod a rabbit which, according to Chinese mythology, was her favorite.

China has, in the framework of the study of the Moon, 2007a. The spacecraft launched “Cang-1”, which is for 16 months, compiled a three-dimensional map of the lunar surface, high-resolution reminds the Russian agency.

The moon is China 2010th was sent to another research aircraft for photographing the area in which you could land a cosmic apparatus, and the launch of “Cang-3” marked the beginning of the second phase of the study of the earth’s natural satellite, which involves the release of spacecraft in lunar orbit, landing on its surface and return.

In the third phase, 2017, the moon will be launched in another aircraft, whose task will be delivering to Earth samples of lunar rocks.

The first astronauts to the moon China plans to send after the 2020th year.

“Cang-3” was successfully launched 2 December the Center for Satellite Launches Sjičang in southwestern China, the mission that was previously conducted more U.S. and the former Soviet Union.

AFP points out that landing on the moon to mark the latest step in an ambitious Chinese space program, which is seen as a symbol of the head of China’s status in the world and its technological progress, a decade after China sent the first astronauts in space and on the eve of the planned setting up a permanent space station in 2020th years and eventually send astronauts to the moon.

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