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A Short Story Of Berat Albania

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102 years ago Eqerem Bey Vlora, a very interesting person, who was very appreciated by the Albanians, moved in Berat in 1906 and from there, he went to Kapinova, at the Tomorr mountain. He stayed only a few days there,but he did so much and he wrote everything he

Court of Serious law violations left Italian professional killer and Doci siblings in jail

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The Italian 35-year-old, Salvatore Lettizia, one of the persons captured for the triple murder in Tirane, showed up today in court subsequent to killing three individuals together with Klevis and Markelian Doci. Lettizia was left in jail until trial. The Judge of the Serious Crimes Court got some information

Anjeza Shahini a little about her

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Anjeza Shahini was born in 04/05/1987. Anjeza is one of the well known singers from Albania and has a big number of fans all over Albanian territories. Her career started in 2003 after she participated at the Festival of song in (RTSH) along with 23 others competitive. She competed

How can Miller Enter Albania?

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After one week the Peruvian media reported the arrest of, Peruvian Former Foreign Minister, Manuel Augusto Blacker Miller in Tirane  Albania and the part of a coup, some new details have come to light about him that how was he able to enter Albania, although he was a fugitive most

Sekuestrimi i pasurive të krimit

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Gjate vitit 2012 jane sekuestruar, nga autorietet shqiptare, mbi 13 milione euro pasuri te ardhura nga bota e krimit. Ministri i Brendshem, Flamur Noka tha se Agjensia e Administrimit te Pasurive te sekuestruara kerkon mbeshtjetjen e te gjitha institucioneve. Noka ne nje konference per shtyp deklaroi se jane sekuestruar

Dëmtohen pikturat e Onufrit

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Disa nga afresket me te rendesishme shqiptare, te piktures post-bizantine, te bera me mjeshteri te rralle nga Onufri, jane demtuar rende per t’u grabitur. Ne fshatin Valas te zones se Shpatit, ne rrethin e Elbasanit, kisha e ‘Shen Premtes’, eshte tentuar te grabitet nga persona ende te paidentifikuar, duke