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Nora Isterfi

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Nora Isterfi was born on 25/03/1986/ Pristine Kosovo. Nora Isterfi is well known singer from Kosovo. She started her career 18 years old. The first song that she was introducing to the people was (Go Now) and it was a successful song. Then in a few months she collaborated

Rezarta Shkurta

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Rezarta Shkurta was born on 18/11/1986 in Durres Albania. At 12 years old she started studding on art and modern ballet, which she was talented on it. Rezarta in year 2000 went at the school (Lice artistic) which she found out that it had talent as a classic painter.

The life of Ardit Gjebrea

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Ardit Gjebrea is a very famous singer, producer and presenter in Albania. He has a long career as an artist in Albanian scenes. He started singing for the first time since he was five years old and since then Ardit hasn’t stop presenting Festivals and directing different shows in

Rovena Stefa a little about her

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Rovena Stefa was born on 27/04/1979 in Fier Albania. At six years old was her first participation in concurs of presentation for kids show which she was awarded. Rovena finished her high school in the city of Elbasan at the foreign language school for French. At 16 years old

Genta Ismajli

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Genta Ismajili was born in Gjilan Kosovo 12/04/1984/. When she was seven month old she moved in Chicago USA with her parents for a better life. At age 19 she returned to Kosovo to sing a song. Her first song was “Kthehu” the video clip was released in USA

The biography of Soni Malaj

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Soni Malaj was born on 24/09/1982 in Tropja, Albania. At the present days she lives in Tirane and in here she started her career as a singer. First she wanted to be a dancer but it was her grandmother decision to be a singer. At the beginning she create