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Illegal gambling in Kosovo

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The annual turnover of illegal games in Kosovo exceeds the amount of 100 million euros and serves direct on money which is used by organized crime. It was said in a press conference for the Self-Determination movement political party. The representatives of the movement have consider that favoring illegal

Sokol Olldashi the democrat MP Dies in car accident

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During the late hours of Wednesday, an accident was recorded on the axis road Tirane – Elbasan, near the monument of Krraba. A vehicle registered HN 003 AA, lost the control and consequently went out of the road. Sources from the scene report so far that are 2 injured people.

Thaci-Dacic: Ok repetition of elections in the north

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The Prime ministers of Serbia and Kosovo have agreed in Brussels for the next steps for the electoral process in problematic areas in north Mitrovica. This was confirmed by the mediator of the European Union miss, Catherine Ashton at the end of next round of dialogue in Brussels. “We

Rooney, një objektiv për Barcelonën?

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Nje thyerje e rende ndodhi midis Manchester United dhe Wayne Rooney, ne kohen kur Ferguson, trajneri i ketij ekipi vendosi ta mbante rezerve gjate ndeshjes me Real Madrid, dhe per here te pare ne karrieren e tij duket se ky lojtar eshte duke marre parasysh mundesine per t’u larguar.

AK: Ne do të ndërtojme lapidarin

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Te bashkuar me studente nga Presheva te cilet studiojne ne Tirane Aleanca Kuqezi se bashku me to moren angazhimin per te rindertuar monumentin e heronjve te UCPM-se ne qender te Presheves. Ne takimin qe kreu i Aleances Kuqezi zhvilloi me te rinjte e Lugines eshte thene se do t’ju

Bisedimet, pesimizmi i Mitrovicës

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Gafurr Begu nje nga banoret e kryeqendres te zones se veriut, u shpreh me pesimizem se nuk do te kete marreveshje midis Kosoves dhe Serbise per shkak se ate qe kerkon Serbia nuk e pranon qeveria jone, dhe ate qe kerkon qeveria jone nuk e pranon as qeveria serbe.