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A Short Story Of Berat Albania

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102 years ago Eqerem Bey Vlora, a very interesting person, who was very appreciated by the Albanians, moved in Berat in 1906 and from there, he went to Kapinova, at the Tomorr mountain. He stayed only a few days there,but he did so much and he wrote everything he

Serbian Food, much related to Albanian

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The Serbian cuisine has a lot to offer. If you are spending time in Serbia you have to make sure to try the local dishes. Pizzas, Hamburgers and the coffee are not the same ones that you use at home they are terrific. Everyone have to be prepared for


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Technology innovations have been always in development, so they can improve human being lives. Every material object possessed by persons  has been adapted with human needs. But these innovations always issue out of use competitive objects with the same function which result to become out of time or are


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The Coca-Cola formula has been kept secret for years and no one has discovered it. In every label of its products are written the ingredients of the most consumed drink in the world, but the quantity used of them has been kept secret. American collector from Ringgold, Cliff Kluge,

Skandali: Qeveria ka firmosur me Turqinë ndryshimin e ‘Historisë’

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Kryeministri turk, Rexhep Erdogan, pas dy vizitave, ne 2005 dhe 2008, me ne fund arriti qellimin qe shprehu ne Tirane duke rishikuar historine qe shkruajten shqiptaret per kohen sundimit 5 shekullor nga Perandoria Osmane, periudhe qe zgjati nga shek. XV deri ne shek. XX. Duke bashkepunuar me palen turke,

Turqia-Kosovës: Korrigjoni historinë!

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Ministrise se Arsimit, Shkences dhe Teknologjise, u eshte kerkuar nga Republika e Turqise, qe librave shkollore te historise t’u behet nje analize e kujdesshme dhe ne pjese te caktuara te behen dhe korrigjimet e nevojshme. Zyrtare te MASH-it, pavaresisht kerkeses per rishikim, deklaruan per portalin ”Telegrafi” se kerkesat e