Blero the Albanian Pop Singer

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bleroBlerim Muharremi was born in Mitrovice, Kosovo in 19/07/1978/. He moved to Sweden near Malmo when he was very young. Since his early age Blero had an eye for music.

He’s first album was his first step in the music industry, popular songs such as: Come to me, Thank you Mother, and Come back, skyrocket Blero to the top of the Albanian charts.

Blero has done much collaboration with other artists but one of the most successful ones was the collaboration with Memli Krasniqi member of (Rythem of the Streets) band. Blero’s second album was called ”Together”.

This album was also very successful with hits like: “I want to be with you”, “Forever”, “Baby”, and “Me and You”. Most of Blero’s fans are in Albania but he is also popular in Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Diaspora. Blero is married with Teuta krasniqi; he also has a daughter called Tara. He is  a football fan and his favorite team is Barcelona. Blero spend much of his time singing, but also with his daughter Tara.

Blero has also worked with many other celebrities from different countries. He has won a couple of awards in festivals like Top fest. His last album that hit the market in summer 2007 was “Forgive me”. This album was one of the most successful albums that he has created.

During his career the Kosovar singer has hit the top of the charts many time and we are showing here only the 2 most succesfull songs that even at present time are still played in radio stations and clubs so here are the 2 hits of his, “Empty heart” and “Crazy” collaborated with, Leonora Poloska .

In year 2010 Blero came along with Zajmina Vasjari with another song titled (Problem). Blero at 2011 collaborates with the other pop female singer (Lori) re presenting the new song titled (Come tonight).

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