Anjeza Shahini a little about her

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anjeza-shahiniAnjeza Shahini was born in 04/05/1987. Anjeza is one of the well known singers from Albania and has a big number of fans all over Albanian territories. Her career started in 2003 after she participated at the Festival of song in (RTSH) along with 23 others competitive. She competed with her song titled (Your image) and she was voted by the public to go in the final night. After this she was chosen by a jury to present Albania in Euro vision Festival in Istanbul in Turkey.

She was presented in an excellent way in Turkey at the Euro vision Festival and also she performed very well and was classified 7th in Europe. After this experience her career continued to grow even more. In 2005 she singed a management contract with an artist based in Vienna, hoping for an international career.  After this she took a break from her career and she started studding in a University in Austria.

Her restoration was sensational, after two years absence in 2007 Anjeza participated in (TV-Klan) at the Festival (Song of the Decade) and then at (Magic Song) Festival and she won prizes in both of this Festivals. Then a year after she launched her first album titled (Our moment came) which it was very successful in Albania and Kosovo.

At the present year which is 2011 she participated at the (Top Fest8) festival along with the famous singer Dren Abazi and they presented the hit song titled (You and Me) and they were very successful with this one which they won a very important prize at the Festival and the song is still received by the public. In her album are included nine songs and they are titled (Same Dream, I am, When you are fare away, Goodbye, Northern tears, I Love You, From zero, I sleep and wake with You and We didn’t find our self’s).

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