ALBRIGHT : “Kosovo – Crimea, nothing common”

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Madeleine_AlbrightThe ex- American officials keep declining the comparing that Moscow has done about Kosovo and Crimea. This time it was the ex-secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, who, using an article for “ The Washington Post, disagreed with the Russian aggression in Crimea.

As the Vladimir Putin aggression in Crimea broke the international law, is an interesting issue to see the way he is trying to justify his actions. Putin says that he is doing what other countries did in Kosovo, which is not true” –says Albright.

According to her article, in the ‘ 90 the international intervention in Balkan where approved by OKB and in these interventions there were lots of countries which offered their institutions and political solutions.

The force is used only when diplomacy has been ended up, says the American diplomat, who had one of the most important roles in supporting the NATO- attack in Serbia and Kosovo, 15 years ago. Meanwhile, her substitute, Strobe Talbot, at the same newspaper dropped the parallels risen between Kosovo and Crimea by Moscow.

These two examples cannot be more different from each other. NATO bombed Serbia after diplomacy failed to stop the Milloshevic campaign for expulsion of the Kosovo’s citizens and killing lots of them,-says Talbot.

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