Albania celebrates today the 101st year of independence.

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rama-metaA few days ago Albania celebrated the 101st year of the independence of the country. The leaders of Albania, starting from the President Bujar Nishani; Prime Minister Edi Rama; the Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta, the Mayor of the city of Vlora; Shpetim Gjika along with the Perfect of the city of Vlora, Besnik Dervishi and all the Parliament Members from the city of Vlore and a few politicians from the Republic of Kosovo and all together with thousands of citizens, have participated in the celebration of the 101st anniversary of the independence of the country in the city where it was first declared.

After the national hymn, was played the Prime Minister have paid a homage and placed wreaths on the tomb of the person who has declared the Albanian Independence 101 years ago, Ismail Qemali. This anniversary celebration different from all other time did not continued with the speeches of the leaders of the country. It was considered by the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama that this day is a day for all the citizens and the government has the job to reflect and push forward the big project for the free and democratic Albania said Rama.

A very similar same message was also given by the Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta, who considered this day as the one of the most beautiful days in all the history of the Republic of Albania and its people. The Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that.

“All of us that today are here, along with the co-leader of the Alliance for the European Albania and the Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta have considered this day as a reiterating of our full commitment for pushing the Albanian state forward in progress and increasing the cooperation with all the Albanians that are in the region to have a better future together. After the Rama speech the Parliament Speaker, Mr, Ilir Meta declared that, for him is a pleasure to continue for the efforts to modernizing the state and fulfill the aspiration for an European Albania.

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