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alban-skenderajAlban Skenderaj was born in 20/04/1982 in Lushnje Albania his origins is from  the city of Vlore. His father used to work as an officer in the city of Lushnje and that’s way he had to change a city. His family moved again in Vlore and that’s where they live now. One of his crazy’s thing that he has made in life was in 1997 he went to an illegal ship and emigrated in Italy by not telling his family but also Alban made a good choice for himself because by that time in Albania it was not  safe for anyone especially for young boys like him. During his time in Italy he started to study in an (Leisure and Tourism) school but a couple of months he changes his mind because Alban wanted career in music industry.

At the same time he used to work part time as a nurse after he was graduated by a course in Italy. He also had done a course for guitar and for singing. In Italy Alban participated many times in different small concourses that were organized in the city where he used to live and he used to win different prizes. Even that Alban was far from Albania he used to watch music activity’s that were organized in Albania. In December of 2004 Alban tries to participate at the Festival of (RTSH) but he was not allowed.

By the time he had heard for the festival of (TOPFEST) that gives opportunities to unknown singers to tries they performance. So Alban participated at the Festival (TOPFEST 2) with his new song created by him titled (Vetem Ty) which he performed in an excellent way and Alban Skenderaj was classified first. After this event Alban had made a big popularity in Albania so he started to perform in live clubs in different music TV show and then he launched his first album titled (Fllad Ne Shkretetire) with song created by him.

In 3 August at the same year Alban launched the video clip of the song titled (Thirrje e Deshperuar) and during the summer he had a big number of requests by different live clubs in Albania. In an early interview he was asked by his career and he said that I broke my own record because without any help in 10 month time I became a (VIP) which is true.

In the Festival (TOPFEST 3) Alban participated again but this time along with the famous rock group Kthjellu and they presented the new song titled (Dicka) which it had the same success and they were classified first. By the time Alban became the public image of the large telephone company (Vodafone) and was shown to the public with his video clip (Ky Ritem). In 28, 29, 30 June he played the role of Romeo at the musical concert Romeo and Juliet.

Then he participated at the 45 Festival (Kenga Magjike) presenting his new song titled (Eklips) and was classified sixth and then Alban participated at the (Nete e Klipit) Festival and won the prize of the (Best Video clip). He also realized a new video clip titled (Let me die with you) along with his girl friend (Miriam Cani) and during the year 2009 they had a big success with their collaborating. In 2010 in the Festival (video Fest) Alban won the (Public Prize) with the same song and three other prizes with the song titled (This is your Day).

Alban has done three albums titled (Fllad ne Shkretetire) first album realized by him including songs like ( Bukuri e Frikshme, Deri ne Fund, Thirrje e Deshperuar, Vetem Ty, E verteta Ime, My Oasis, Hapesira e nje Enderre, Verso II Blu Vetem ty, Dicka and Ky Ritem). His second album was titled (Melodi) it was successful as well and they were included songs like ( Melodi, Eklips, Nese nje Dit, Ata Sy, Larg dhe Afer, Let me die on You, E veshtire, Nje here ne Jete, Do jemi Ne, Kur fjalet Mungojne, Poeti and Mall Mergimtar).

His third album was launched in 2011 and is titled (Ende Ka Shprese) including songs like (Pertej Horizontit, Miremengjes, Bardh e Zi, Zgjohu ne Enderr, Per ty <Rrufe ne qiell te Hapur>, Me prit Atje, Ike me Eren, Miresevjen ne Shpirtin Tim, Ende ka Shprese, E ashper si Gjithmon, Si me Pare, Man on the Moon, Somebody Hurts and Bella Cicatrice).

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