History of RTK

Newscaster in Television Studio

History of RTK

In 1999 UNMIK / OSCE invites the European Broadcasting union (EBU) to open and manage a television broadcaster in Kosovo and by memorandum (MOU) of the OSCE. In September1999 RTK begins the first live broadcasting to the public of Kosovo only 2 hours a day, while a month later in October Osce implements a public broadcasting “Radio Pristina” in RTK, which is known as “Radio Pristina”. While a year later the radio station known as “Radio Blue Sky” joined RTK.

A couple of month later the radio television of Kosovo begins its expansion with various programs and live broadcast 4 hours a day. In the new project of RTK began broadcasting in the Serbian language due to the fulfillment of Kosovo Serbs. Later RTK started to broadcast news and teaching programs in the Turkish language for the Turk community.

RTK also started broadcasting a new network of terrestrial broadcasting of Kosovo. In June of 2001 the the UNMIK regulation will formally create broadcaster in RTK in need of the public service who had a non political board. And after that the TV started to launch an audio broadcast and created official websites to increase audience and in the same time informing all Albanians throughout the world. A month later RTK started increasing the hours of broadcasting and also started to broadcast news in the Bosnian language. Read More…

Memory: 4 Strategies to improve it.

ImproveThe memory lost is becoming a very visible problem in now days, especially for the third age persons. But for improving it we need only 4 strategies. Maybe you are feeling that your memory isn’t as it has been before?

You don’t have to be afraid, those things can just happen as the age pass and we get older. Everyone has those kinds of problems, someone faces with it earlier, someone no. the bad news is that we all have to face them, but there is a good news, too.

We can improve the memory loss by doing some little things. What we are going to tell to you in this article more than being rules, are advises, which will facilitate your life problems.

1- Making exercises!

The first way of improving your memory is making exercises as swimming, running, walking etc. According to the surveys, making some easy exercises has showed to improve the memory activity. As part of a survey are taken persons from 50 years and more.

They have been under control for a few months and the result was that after they have started to make exercises, their memory was better. That’s because it was increased the cerebral blood movement.

2- Playing brain games!

Have you ever heard about the brain games? Those are games which train the brain and which are very important about your memory. For not lowering the intelligence level, those games increase the brain capacity on understanding and giving a solution to the problems for which our memory will be slowly be more faster and clearer. Try to believe it! Read More…

Thaci-Dacic, next meeting in the coming month. The gas issue in Crimea!


The next meeting between the two prime-ministers, the one of Kosovo and the one of Serbia will keep on March 31. The news comes from REL, which has cited the director’s office of Foreign Politics in European Union, Catherine Ashton, who is a process intermediate.

She will continue the procedures for realizing a compromise between the two countries. During the meeting the two parts of the meeting will continue their job to accomplish the April agreement and they will also discuss for the next steps to normalize the relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, during the Monday visit in Brussels, the vice prime-minister, Hajredin Kuci and the Inside affairs minister, Bajram Rexhepi take part to several meetings with European Union officials, from the office of Catherine Ashton. There were part of this meeting, people from EULEX and the European Commission, too.

The main topic of those meetings was the fate of the EULEX mission after June 15, 2014, the transition and the competences transfer. Despite the long meetings, there was no achieved any agreement, while it is expected that other meetings will follow these ones in the days that are coming.


crimea-gasThe Crimea crises and the West sanctions against Russia will force Moscow to search about new possibilities to sell the gas and the petrol. The best alternative is China, the second large economy of  the world which is increasing its consume every day. Moscow doesn’t like to lose this opportunity and the sanctions will be another reason to hurry up in the infrastructure construction for the transport of gas and oil toward the Asiatic trade. What is the most damaged from those changes remains Europe.

That’s because 30% of the quantity of gas, consumed by European Union countries comes from Russia. For the United States, despite the fact that they have increased the inside production, will increase the Asiatic depending. “Bloomberg” writes that China achieved a $350 billiard arrangement with Russia for buying gas and oil in the incoming years and the relations will certainly force because of the recent events. We will see the Russian searching for a new trade and Asiatic searching for a new best supply. That means a good and strong economical relationship between those two countries.

Meanwhile the European countries will suffer a price increase and will search for other opportunities that will replace gas and petrol. Those alternatives will need years and years to discover. Canada is in its highest levels of producing. The Polish fields need to find out if it is true that are rich of gas and petrol, too. We will say the same for Brazil and Western Africa.


Freda_DociWe cannot choose the family we are born to. It is not our decision to have a rich or a poor family. It is just a fate question. Freda Doci is a person who has enjoyed the possibilities of being a rich family child. Being an inheritor, gave her the possibility to study abroad, in London, having lots of commodities that other don’t have and also, having the possibility to travel a lot.

Despite the fact that it was very difficult for her mother, having her daughter far away for lots of years, the girl took the decision to study abroad, in London and being away from her family. She is actually in Albania, working for the Integration Ministry.

There was offered a good job in London, where i lived for lots of years but i decided to come back at my country and to give my contribution here. Albania needs lots of persons who have studied abroad, so they can give their experience of living, studying and working abroad. She feels realized and that ,there were only her parents support which helped her being who she is now. I have had all i wanted during my life. My parents gave me everything i wanted, she says.

The latest thing i wanted and i got, is my car. As every woman, she likes being beautiful and wearing good clothes. I am not a shopping fan, i am mostly obsessed on bags and shoes. Kitchen is not her favorite place, she also tries to cook something in time to times.

She says that sometimes, being an inheritor has its negative sides. People see you with other sights. They consider you the ”daughter of  X”. We feel prejudiced and sometimes people have created some opinions for of, just for the name we have and not for what we really could be, despite the name we keep. She have had two little accidents and it was necessary that for some days she needed to stay at home. It was not a long time but it was necessary to think and to reflect for invalids.

That’s why i tried to contribute for them so they can have a good life. She feels privileged to be part of her family, but she also, wants to find a way for returning back what they did for her. I wish i could do something for my family so i could return back what they did for me. The only thing i can do is to create my own business and to leave it to my children in the future.


hairlossBeautiful and voluminous hair is the dream of everyone, as they are always in. but having long hair without life, is not very nice. Anyway, the solution does exists! You have to take a test at your home just for knowing if you do have problems with your hair or it is just a period problem.

Take some hair in your hand and push them . if there are more than 6-7 hairs on your  hand, than you do have a problem with your hair. If you are losing your hair immediately than you need to consult with your doctor because it might be a serious problem. What is more important is the fact that you must not take decisions about the symptoms you have, without consulting experts. One of the most reasons of losing your hair is the fact that you are stressed up.

So it is important to find the solution of your emotional problems so you don’t have to be stressed up. Try to sleep good at night, because even you don’t believe it, it is very important for your hair. Sleeping is a very important factor of having a healthy organism, include thee hair, too.

A good essential bathroom may also help you tranquil your hair health and not only. But a vital importance has also, what you eat. It is an important factor, which affect the reaction of the organism against stress. It will be good to consume vegetables and black chocolate.

If your hair continue to fall then you will need a mask. You can use green tea, which is a good solution for your hair. You can use it, mixed up with water and wash your hair. If it doesn’t help then you need to repeat it 2-3 times per week.

There are 3 important reasons for the hair falling:

Stress: It is a very important factor which causes the hair fall. in difference with the genetic factor, the hair factor which comes from stress is shared in all of the area were your hair is. According to the experts, it comes from the dis balanced diets and feed.

Diseases:  It always happens that the hair fall comes from an important infection you have passed through, or medical interventions. It also is caused by the thyroids. This happens also, when the male has problems with some male hormones as androgene. It also may be affected by the medicals we have used.

Abuse: Not being careful with the cosmetics used to style or to wash your hair. A very dangerous enemy for our hair is also when you try to wash it often, which creates a dis balance in the fatty layer of skin.

The Magic Effects Of Coffee!!

coffeeFor most of you, coffee is the best “friend”, because it is near of us when we need it more. The coffee is warm and it keeps us on top form. Did you know its effects on our brain? Fortunately, the science can show us the effects.  First of all, the scientists are the persons who mostly consume coffee. This is the reason why they have been motivated to know the magic effects of coffee.

Here are the principal scientific facts that anyone has to know about coffee:

The caffeine effect of molecules!

The caffeine form is similar to an important molecule called “adenosine”, which regulates the brain function. Caffeine is similar to “adenosine” and causes the same effect on the brain.

There is an appropriate time to drink coffee!

This is because we are led by the biological cycle of 24 hours, known as circadian clock. When we wake up early in the morning, our brain is still full of cortysol, a natural ingredient that keeps you vigilant. So, even when it seems you need a coffee, in fact you don’t need something like this. It will be better to wait till your cortisol level lows.

The coffee concentration on blood!

After 10 minutes the caffeine concentration on the blood reaches the half of maximal concentration, which is necessary to make you more vigilant. 45 minutes after drinking a coffee, you may feel its effects.

Caffeine affects the brain very differently compared to beer. Beer makes us more creative, meanwhile caffeine gives us more energy. Besides the caffeine there are also lots of healthy ingredients. There are lots of other ingredients as antioxidants which protect the organism by free radicals. Those molecules cause the ageing and are related with diseases as tumor and heart attack.

According to the surveys, the persons who use coffee, are not affected by the Alzheimer, Parkinsson or heart diseases. There is a problem! Lots of persons who consume coffee, also smoke. This means that those data go on the added risk, so it will be good for us to avoid some of our habits so this habits have to avoid.

Officially Approved, The Frozen Ocean on Saturn Moon May Have Someone Who Lives There!!

saturnThe astronauts are looking for years and years for planets which can also be lived. It is now the time to confirm that on the frozen surface of Saturn moon, Enceladus, it is found an ocean where are found vital signs. The ocean might be 18-24 miles under ice and it might be larger than the Superior Lake, which is the biggest lake in North America.

Enceladus and its ocean!

Enceladus is the sixth Moon, compared for its measures in Saturn and it was discovered in 1789 by William Herschel. It has a 984 miles surface. The moon has a frozen ocean where may be found some vital signs. There are 10 years that Saturn has been under control by the spatial ship of NASA, called “Cassini”.

At the south pole of Enceladus there are seen water vapours, which have motivated the scientists to predict that there is a discreet place under water. Even the Jupiter Moon, the biggest moon of it, Europe, has water under its surface.

Enceladus and Europe are similar to each other because they have both an ocean, which is on contact with under-terrestrial stones. The scientists believe that both of the moons can be probable habitats for non-terrestrial microbes.