History of RTK

Newscaster in Television Studio

History of RTK

In 1999 UNMIK / OSCE invites the European Broadcasting union (EBU) to open and manage a television broadcaster in Kosovo and by memorandum (MOU) of the OSCE. In September1999 RTK begins the first live broadcasting to the public of Kosovo only 2 hours a day, while a month later in October Osce implements a public broadcasting “Radio Pristina” in RTK, which is known as “Radio Pristina”. While a year later the radio station known as “Radio Blue Sky” joined RTK.

A couple of month later the radio television of Kosovo begins its expansion with various programs and live broadcast 4 hours a day. In the new project of RTK began broadcasting in the Serbian language due to the fulfillment of Kosovo Serbs. Later RTK started to broadcast news and teaching programs in the Turkish language for the Turk community.

RTK also started broadcasting a new network of terrestrial broadcasting of Kosovo. In June of 2001 the the UNMIK regulation will formally create broadcaster in RTK in need of the public service who had a non political board. And after that the TV started to launch an audio broadcast and created official websites to increase audience and in the same time informing all Albanians throughout the world. A month later RTK started increasing the hours of broadcasting and also started to broadcast news in the Bosnian language. Read More…

NSA: Objective To Disparage The Porn Users!

NSAThe American authorities studied the sexual activity on internet and thought that they could publish the visits into porno’s page, so they can disparage the people who spread the radical opinions. This was reported by the Huffington Post. A new documentary published by Edward Snowden, reports two Muslim persons who can be affected by the publishing of the data that they have visited during their navigation on internet.

This is not a surprising notice, says an official who wanted to be anonymous, but the activist group “Privacy International” qualified the documentary as inappropriate and frightening. Without discussing some certain persons, we don’t have to be surprised by the fact that the USA government uses every kind of tools to stop and to avoid the terrorist behavior to damage its country or stimulating crimes. Some computer  companies are thinking to apply new methods for avoiding things like this happen.

Codifying the digital information, the companies aim to make more difficult for espionage spying the sensitive information, but it is also learned that the espionage agencies are working with new programs to defeat the computer companies. “Privacy International” said that this wasn’t the first time that countries use the intimate information of a person who don’t share the same opinion to the one of the government and use this information to mine the credibility of this person.

Meanwhile, an office in OKB approved the draft “ for the privacy rights”. The Rights of human community said that they are very stressed and preoccupied for the negative impact of data spying. The resolute will be approved by the General Assembly of OKB before this year ands up, but it is symbolic because the countries are not forced to approve and to execute it. the discovered document indentifies 6 muslims considered global radicals. The private information is considered as a high potential use.

Some of their weaknesses , if are going to publish, will make them lose their integrity in their society, and also their credibility. For example, some of them have seen sexual materials on internet or have used sexual language while communicating with little inexperienced girls.

The Car That Controls The Driver!

shoferi-makineThere are lots of reasons that take your mind away during your way for somewhere. You can take a call or can be called by someone, you can be thinking about your life or you can just be tired. All of these can affect on you, causing in this way lots of accidents which can be fatal for you and others, changing your future and your life.

What will avoid your errors during driving will be your car.

The “Volvo” company is compromised on searching and creating some sensors which will be able to identify the driver behavior and the idea is the realization of a vehicle which can interpret the driver moves and to intervene at the right moment to avoid the consequences.

makine-shoferThe “Volvo” system can “see” where the driver sees when his eyes are open and which is his head position. The sensor will be installed at the cruscot, in front of the driver and uses little Leds to bright the person’s face. The infra red used by this sensors do not affect the eyes.

The Debts Of Pal Leka Keep Gjakova Without Electricity!

gjakovaKEDS stops the public furnish of Gjakova with electricity. This has come from the debts that the last government, leaded by Pal Leka, has created. This was the case when the KEDS branch on Gjakova doesn’t understand the debt problem. The Gjakova’s municipality asked from KEDS the possibility to repay the debt in partial payments.

At the municipality notice is said that the new local government has paid the half of the debt by 54.440 billion EUR, and it needs to pay 54333 billion euro.

They say that the remained sum of the debt will be reprogrammed in collaboration with KEDS, starting from the second 3-months of this year, so it can make possible a good management of the obligations payments. Meanwhile, the electricity situation of the city has began to improve after the direct contacts of the municipality with the KEDS authorities in Prishtine.


malaysian-planeThe Malaysian prime-minister, Najib Razak declared on Monday that “unfortunately” the plane with the flying number “MH370” of Malaysia Airlines has been crushes on the south of Indian Ocean. His declaration was based on the offered information by the British satellite company, “Inmarsat” and the British Office of Accident Investigating, AAIB. Mr.

Razak makes it known that they will publish more detailed information on Tuesday. The latest data showed that the plane was flying toward the South corridor and that the latest position was on west Perth, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The journalists were ready, collected on the press conference office of the prime – minister, waiting anxiously the data he will declare.

The “MH370” FLYYING OF Airlines Malaysia with 239 persons on the board, disappeared after he left the Kuala Lumpur airport in March 8, having as a destination, Bejing. The Airline Company, “Malaysia Airlines” declared also that it is probably true the fact that the plane has been crushed up and all the persons on board failed out.

The notice is taken by a SMS which has been sent from the company, to the victim’s familiars. It has been sent after 5 days of searching without any result. “We are noticing you, feeling very bad, that we have some reasons to believe that the missed plane and the persons on its board have no survived.

As you will listen by the prime-minister, later, we have to accept the facts that suggest that the plane fall out on the middle of the Indian Ocean. This was the text of the SMS which has been sent to their familiars.


popePope Francis has made an unexpected attach toward the mafia, warning them that they are going I at hell, if they do not stop doing those things. For all the times they keep doing what they are doing, they will be the same as the devil. The money earned by blood, the authority earned by bloodshed cannot be taken in the other world. Regret is the solution – said the pope during a manifestation of praying with the dead men familiars, killed by mafia.

The pope talked for a long time for the corruption devils and wrote a brochure for this issue in 2005 when he was only an Archbishop in Buenos Aires. The Friday meeting in Rome, organized by a group of citizens, called “Libera”, aimed to demonstrate for the opposition of Catholic Church for the organized crime, refusing the historical connections with the mafias Bosses, who pretend to be good Catholics.

This manifestation has been followed by the persons who have lost their dearest by mafia. The pope has been listening all the time, and he seems thoughtful while the names of the dead people were reading. After expressing his solidarity with 892 participants, he said that he cannot be away his actual obligation without addressing the participants, the “protagonists” of the mafia violation.

The life you are now living, will not give you satisfaction. You won’t be happy. There is still the time to not end up at the hell, a destination you cannot avoid if you keep doing what you have done- said the pope in this words.

According to the studies, there is a large list of good clerical in Italy, who have not become part of mafia. Some of them paid with their life, but the Church has been accused for not making everything possible for avoiding the gangsters. The “Libera’s” activists hope for a good signal, from the pope words.

ALBRIGHT : “Kosovo – Crimea, nothing common”

Madeleine_AlbrightThe ex- American officials keep declining the comparing that Moscow has done about Kosovo and Crimea. This time it was the ex-secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, who, using an article for “ The Washington Post, disagreed with the Russian aggression in Crimea.

As the Vladimir Putin aggression in Crimea broke the international law, is an interesting issue to see the way he is trying to justify his actions. Putin says that he is doing what other countries did in Kosovo, which is not true” –says Albright.

According to her article, in the ‘ 90 the international intervention in Balkan where approved by OKB and in these interventions there were lots of countries which offered their institutions and political solutions.

The force is used only when diplomacy has been ended up, says the American diplomat, who had one of the most important roles in supporting the NATO- attack in Serbia and Kosovo, 15 years ago. Meanwhile, her substitute, Strobe Talbot, at the same newspaper dropped the parallels risen between Kosovo and Crimea by Moscow.

These two examples cannot be more different from each other. NATO bombed Serbia after diplomacy failed to stop the Milloshevic campaign for expulsion of the Kosovo’s citizens and killing lots of them,-says Talbot.