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History of RTK In 1999 UNMIK / OSCE invites the European Broadcasting union (EBU) to open and manage a television broadcaster in Kosovo and by memorandum (MOU) of the OSCE. In September1999 RTK begins the first live broadcasting to the public of Kosovo only 2 hours a day, while

You Will Not Have To Whine Once You Try These Wine Tips

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Are you new to the wine world? Do you know the difference between a rich red wine, and a white wine besides the different colors? Are you familiar with the way wine ages? If your answers are yes, then there is good news for you. The following information will

WhatsApp Could Be Getting “Like” Button and “Check as Unread” Feature Soon

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English News About What’supp getting like Button Soon!  WhatsApp is a standout amongst the most prominent informing applications out there, and a major part of its appeal is the way that it is accessible on distinctive versatile stages including Android, iOS or Windows Phone. WhatsApp is continually trying new

Eurostar, The Trains Are Stopped By The Lightning!

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Hundreds of passengers of “Eurostar” have been late for going in their destination as a result of a lightning hit of the high speed trains during their way in Kent. The lightning caused a fire in a building near the Channel tunnel entrance causing a high loss of electricity

Why Man Take Faster Treats For Heart Attack, Compared With Woman!

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When we talk about our heart, searching for help at the moment when you start to feel heart attack symptoms, is very important. That’s the reason why it is so frightening learning that men take a faster medical treatment compared with women, when it is talked about heart attacks. Those were

The 17th anniversary Of Adem Jashari Fall

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After the assault of 30 of December 1991 and 22nd of January 1998, over the Jashari family, on March 5th starts the clash of Jashari. Therefore, the Serbian military and police strengths had focused subsequent to long back Jashari house. Also, the assault on the Jashari family, precisely on

A Short Story Of Berat Albania

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102 years ago Eqerem Bey Vlora, a very interesting person, who was very appreciated by the Albanians, moved in Berat in 1906 and from there, he went to Kapinova, at the Tomorr mountain. He stayed only a few days there,but he did so much and he wrote everything he